About us

The technological development within the payment industry is putting more emphasis on innovation, deliverability, and expansion than ever before. In 2013, we realised that there is a demand for a progressive and responsive payment processing hub that will change the market. After spending two years on the development of its infrastructure, in 2015 we established Decta.
Self-sufficient, reliable and robust, Decta has payments in its heart. Initially designed as a processing centre, it quickly evolved to be a fully-fledged e-commerce solutions supplier, exceeding the industry standards and matching its stakeholders’ highest expectations.
By using best in class technology and working together with our partners to innovate and adapt our infrastructure to the ever-changing payments environment, we succeeded in creating quality services for e-commerce organisations at every stage of the business and payment cycle. 
Decta Limited is incorporated in the UK, licenced by FCA and is an Authorised Electronic Money Institution (License 900592)
With our Headquarter in London, we pride ourselves on being in the centre of Fintech revolution. Our solutions include specifically designed services for non-banking financial institutions, such as payment service providers, e-wallets, money remittance, e-money institutions, prepaid card issuers and many others. 
Our ambitions don’t end there. We strive to provide state-of-the-art solutions for online merchants, gateway providers, acquirers, issuers, and banks.
We want to grow together with our partners, offering services designed to withstand market challenges and create secure and safe business environment.
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years team experience in payment industry

Decta’s core brand values

to providing the highest standard of service
to adapt to our customers
on technological innovation
to earning trust of customers

Company vision

Empower e-commerce companies to win in highly competitive markets by enabling them to accept and securely process online payments.