Powering your payments

Comprehensive and flexible acquiring, issuing and payment processing solutions for demanding customer
Proactive and dedicated
Uninterrupted service
Flexible to adapt to customer
Fast merchant onboarding
Bespoke solutions
Motivated to innovate
Dedicated account manager
Own processing centre
24/7 customer support
Versatile solutions
Wide range of industries
Decta provides solutions for wide range of industries, including financial, gaming and gambling, Forex, and much more
Multi-currency processing
Decta supports transactions in different currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, DKK, SEK, CAD, NOK, PLN, CZK and others
Global processing
Our in-house solutions are designed to support domestic and international processing for online payments across the globe
Secure technologies
Decta’s fraud prevention and risk management technologies adhere to the highest security standards for online payment services
Industry specifics
Assistance with chargeback processing, Competitive rates starting from IC+0.3%, Dedicated Account Manager and expert support 24h a day, 7 days a week, Custom reports and Flexible payment schedule, Expert Secure processing with integrated 3D Secure, Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and MoneySend, Recurring billing, Mail Order and Telephone Order payments (MOTO), Dynamic Descriptor, Airline Addendum, Multi-currency processing
Customer support
Our experts are here to help you with any issue seven days a week, 24h a day.
Not only was Decta’s online payment solution tailored to meet our specific business requirements, but they also offer 24/7 customer service. This guarantees that we always have the support we need when we need it.
Ivan Shishkin, ostrovok.ru
The biggest advantage was indeed timing - receiving first cards in less than two months was beyond expectations. The level of expertise in payment industry in general and card issuing in particular have saved us weeks, if not months of work.
Dmitrii Zaretskii, finangel.com
Our personal account manager at Decta helped ensure that we used their services as effectively as possible. The result was a more cost effective solution for the business and a better payment experience for our users.
Vadim Rumyantsev, my.com
Any e-wallet solution is incomplete if it cannot deliver money to the customers promptly, securely and cost-effectively. We’ve spent a lot of time looking for an online payment services` provider to fulfil our needs and support us on international level. Decta’s solution have provided us with the innovative product creating a safest environment to handle global cards payments.
Nikolay Ionkin, cauri.uk
Being accountable for customer trip organization, Tickets Travel Network made a priority to ally with reliable, service-oriented, flexible and highly professional payment service provider. We chose Decta and Decta exceeded expectations. Provided solution has resulted an increased number of our customers and received positive feedbacks.
Viktor Voitsehovskiy, ticketstravelnetwork.com
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